North Korea

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Pyongyang, North Korea
Non-profit event
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toughest politics!
Sunday, 1 May 2011
Charity Rally
Challenge Rally
Non-profit event
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Go Help/Koryo Tours
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North Korea. The ultimate destination for a charity rally...

North Korea, or more correctly the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is probably the most reclusive nation on earth. Sealed off from the outside world for the 50 years since the end of the Korean war, the country has developed under a unique combination of communism and the 'juche' ideal of the Great Leader, General Kim Il Sung. With so little known about the country much nonsense is often written about the country. This rally is out to blow away all those myths.





The routes are going to be very limited, if at all. Driving into North Korea will be through either the border with Russia or China.

When can I sign-up?

Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year, maybe never. If anyone can get us into North Korea, it will be Koryo Group. They have spent over decade building up the trust of the North Korean guides and getting increasing access to the country.

Want to go to North Korea?

If you book a tour with Koryo group to North Korea please mention you heard about them through us, and Go Help will receive a donation.

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