Your chance to drive through China to Tibet!

This rally is one step beyond anything you’ve ever done before. Or even dreamt of doing before. It’s a jaw-dropping, hair-raising, teeth-clenching adventure over the highest peaks, the sheerest cliff roads and the most untouched regions in the world. This isn’t on your bucket list, it IS your bucket list!

This is an incredible 16000km charity roadtrip over seas, across deserts, over the highest mountains, and along the most dangerous roads to one of the pivotal places on the ancient silk route, Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Not just an unparalleled adventure, this rally is also about charity. Raising money for Go Help’s Ambulance project Tajikistan, teams take to the road and in the process raise a load of cash for charity, donate a vehicle to a good cause and have a hell of an adventure on the way.

What's this all about?

Enough with all the ‘amazing’, ‘incredible’ and ‘breath-taking’, it’s time for the actual info.

Only the courageous need apply. The journey of a lifetime begins with a single step: summoning up the courage to sign-up for the Roof of the World Charity Rally.

Pick your team. You’ll be spending 7 weeks in a 4×4 with your teammates so choose carefully! Teams are a maximum of 4 people as you’ll need a seat free for the occasional addition of your Chinese travel guide. Once you’ve found three worthy people, you’re good to get started!

Set your Route: This rally is a semi-convoy rally. It is split into 2 sections: Brussels-Bishkek is un-supported and you’re free to pick your own route. The northern route through Russia and Kazakhstan and down into Kyrgyzstan, or Southern route through Turkey, Georgia and the Stans; taking about 6500km 8000km respectively, you’re on your own to explore either one of these amazing routes (or a combination thereof), before meeting up in Bishkek to start the second part of the rally: Bishkek-Lahsa! From Bishkek teams convoy to the Chinese border where your guide will be waiting to prepare paperwork and get you sorted to cross over the Chinese border to start the climb to the Roof of the World. This section is 100% convoy and teams will stick together all the way to Tibet, and back again for the second half of part 2: Tibet-Dushanbe!

Now here’s where we like to remain flexible. While we’re all about the most awe-inspiring journey you’ll ever know in convoy into China, all the way to Tibet (yes, TIBET!), and looping back round to Dushanbe, Tajikistan along the Pamir Highway, we understand this level of adventure, not to mention the time it takes, is not for everyone. So our doors in Dushanbe are open to you even if China is not your thing, baby. From Osh, simply hop on over to Tajikistan and come on down to Dushanbe.

Pick a car. Given the complexity and high-altitude roads you’ll be driving, you’ll be needing a 4×4 to handle the journey. And because the vehicles will ultimately be going to charity, we want to make sure that they make it to Tajikistan in (almost) one piece! So we’ve devised a few guidelines to help you out. You can find more info further down under vehicle rules.

Hit your fundraising target. This Charity Rally has three objectives, first: charity. Second, did we mention charity? Third: charitable adventuring. Teams fundraise a minimum of £1,000 for Go Help, the charity that founded the Roof of the World Charity Rally, but hopefully more. The £1,000 goes straight to Go Help’s projects in Dushanbe, but anything over that will be going to partner charities in Tibet.

Find some sponsors. No trust fund? Not necessarily a problem. This journey isn’t cheap, but boy is it worth it! And there are always people willing to help out a great cause, so don’t be shy in asking! Teams in past years have got sponsorship form friends and family, local businesses, employers, and even multinational companies (Subaru even lent a team a car once!).

Beat the bureaucracy. Yep, this is not going to be a hassle-free experience. Between Europe and China you’ll need a few visas, and then, well, there’s China. Driving in China is no mean feat and takes a lot of time and effort in preparation. But that’s why we’re here to help. By keeping that part of the rally in convoy, you’ll benefit form the years of experience, and reduced prices, as well as the added adventure, of our partner association. We work with people who will help you with visas, Chinese paperwork, entering Tibet, and importing your vehicle into Tajikistan.

Check out our forums for more info!

Who are you raising money for?

You’ll be fundraising, at least in part, for Go Help, a UK registered charity, U.S. 501(c)(3) and registered NGO in Mongolia, whose charitable activities are largely in the fields of healthcare and education. The charity was founded around an effort to launch and operate ambulance services in third world countries, first in Mongolia, and then in Tajikistan. The cause has broadened already in Mongolia to include a children’s activity centre, a university scholarship programme and a mobile library reaching out to isolated communities, and we have plans to extend our reach also in Tajikistan.

Our charitable activities are largely in the fields of healthcare and education.

Go Help’s core objectives include:

  • • To promote charitable adventuring;
  • • To enable access to primary healthcare through the provision, distribution and maintenance of emergency vehicles;
  • • To foster local talent, through providing scholarships and employment opportunities for young people;
  • • To support education projects which provide opportunities for literacy and self-improvement; and
  • • To facilitate the placement of skilled health and education volunteers with the aim of enhancing the capacity of local communities.

If you want more information on Go Help, check out

Raising the funds

Fundraising is an integral part of taking part in the Roof of the World Charity Rally, and teams taking part must raise at least £1,000 for Go Help to take part in the event. Go Help relies largely on fundraising from teams taking part in the rally to support its charity projects in Mongolia and Tajikistan. Above that £1,000 target, we’ll be donating all funds to further worthy causes in the mountainous regions of China/Tibet/Nepal.

In addition to fundraising for the charity, many of our teams like to find sponsors to help them cover the costs of their vehicle, the travel expenses, and other trip expenses. It’s very important when setting out to raise money, be it fundraising or sponsorship, that it be made very clear what the money will be used for.

Selecting the right vehicle

The Roof of the World Charity rally is a 4×4 rally due to the nature of the roads you’ll be driving. And the charity nature of the beast means there’s an age limit to the vehicles accepted to take part in the rally.

The Charity Rallies team will help you pick the right vehicle so that not only meets the rally’s requirements, but also delivers the biggest bang for your charitable buck once it reaches Tajikistan.

Key points to remember are as follows:

All vehicles taking part in The Roof of the World Charity Rally must be pre-approved through the Charity Rallies website.

Only 4×4 vehicles will be accepted on the rally if you’re taking part in the China leg. This rule is more relaxed if you are heading straight for Tajikistan.

Vehicles must be no more than 12 years old due to roads, although some exceptions may be granted on a case by case basis for ambulances not doing the China leg.

Motorbikes are also accepted!

We are here to help!


We can’t stress this enough: driving 16,000 km half way across the world can be dangerous.

Once we’ve helped you pick the right vehicle, get your paperwork sorted, and waved you off the starting line, we’ll set your meeting points and make sure there are people on hand to get you to each next stage of the rally. But just because there is a convoy element to this rally does not mean it is a walk in the park. This is not a country jaunt. This is not a jolly excursion to look at the pretty views. This is an adventure. This is a challenge. At altitude, and it’s dangerous.

Once you set off, we help you out and ensure you’re well-planned, but we do not hand-hold. We do not give you emergency numbers to call. There is no back-up van escorting you, or hidden in the shadows should you fall flat on your face. No mechanics will be positioned in strategic places across the Turkmen desert. No satellite will be following your every move.

You will largely be fending for yourselves, de-muddying the wheels of your vehicle when you get stuck in a ditch, so be prepared to pull, push and shove your 4×4 when it just can’t take any more dust and sand from dirt roads. Forget comfort, soft pillows, warm beds and temperate running water.

But be prepared for awe, wonder and amazement. Be prepared for thrill, adventure and excitement. But be careful. It’s a jungle out there!

In a nutshell:

  • The Roof of the World Charity Rally is 100% for charity, run by a charity, for charity.
  • You’ll need courage to sign up, and even more to take part!
  • Your team can be made up with you and a maximum of three of your friends.
  • Fundraising is a must – the first £1,000 you raise goes to Go Help, the adventure charity that organises this epic event – any fundraising above that goes to the region China/Tibet/Nepal.
  • The launch is on July 1, 2017, in Brussels.
  • The route is split into 2 parts, the first is a free-choice route to Bishkek; the second is either in convoy to China and Tibet and across the finish line, or straight over the border from Kyrgyzstan to Tajikistan.
  • Finding a vehicle and ensuring it complies with the vehicle rules is your responsibility, but we’ll help you figure it out.
  • Your vehicle must be 4×4, no more than 12 years old, and have been checked for ability to handle the rough terrain and high altitudes.
  • A £1000 vehicle deposit is due before departure to cover eventual repair costs upon arrival.
  • We’ll help you navigate the bureaucracy and costs of entering China!


We repeat, you are on your own.